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What is Premium Basket Olive Shirt Weave Olive Olive Weave Basket Basket Shirt Weave Experience at The Armory:

Premium Weave Basket Olive Shirt Olive Basket Weave Basket Weave Shirt Olive Experience Packages at The Armory are THE best way to experience a concert in the Twin Cities.

Weave Weave Shirt Weave Basket Olive Olive Shirt Basket Basket Olive Experience the highest profile artists in the world from the comfort of a wide variety of Balcony Box or Suite options that cater to groups of 2 to 200.

The Armory offers a full service reservations team that can assist with every aspect of your experience from private and efficient entry, to customizable menus, food options, top shelf and even hard-to-find liquors, organic/gluten free/vegan options, luxury transportation partners, hotel packageswinter amp;Co Style Casual Dress Boutique RnBq6dHRx (At Armory exclusive discounted rates), and white glove service from Shirt Olive Olive Weave Basket Basket Olive Weave Weave Basket Shirt Olive Weave Shirt Olive Weave Shirt Basket Basket Basket Olive Weave experienced and highly trained staff - all at an unbeatable value.

Package pricing is ala carte where you have full control of your experience and can choose amenities or options as needed.

Please fill out an inquiry below and our reservation manager will contact you when pricing is available.

You can also reach our reservations team directly by phone at: 612-281-2655

We look forward to taking care of you!
- Armory

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Whether you're entertaining clients, rewarding employees or enjoying an evening with friends and family, the Penthouse Suite at The Armory provides exceptional privacy and service to groups of up to 40 guests. Enjoy a view from the top with a location on the fourth floor and overlooking the entire venue! Let our hospitality team assist in entertaining your group with style and affordable luxury.

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The Generals Hall

The Generals Hall provides an immaculate atmosphere for one-of-a-kind corporate outings and social gatherings at the focal point and heart of the historic Minneapolis Armory. Experience an intimate night with incredible views of the show with up to 150 of your invited guests. Your group can enjoy customizable lounge seating arrangements in a 3,200 sq ft ballroom that speaks to the beauty and history of this unique building.

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Located at the belly of the venue providing an eye-level view of the performance, these suites caters to parties of up to 12 - and include a walk-out terrace with booth seating as well as storage space for jackets and other personal items. These suites were designed with fans in mind with plenty of room to dance and party away from the crowd.

Lower Lakers Booths

Immerse yourself in the action and the energy in the room from your private Lower Lakers Booth for 6 - 12 Guests. This platform is located at the opposite end of the stage with a clear view of the show, overlooking the Main Floor.

Balcony Box

Overlooking the Main Floor, our Balcony Box awaits you and your 7 invited guests. Want to be closer to the main event? Your Balcony Box will put you right on top of the action while providing a private atmosphere for you and your guests. Suite Attendants offer Food & Beverage service and your guest may still access the Club Level as well as the Main Floor as they wish!

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Platform Booth

Smaller party coming to the show? Not a problem! Enjoy our Platform Booth which seats up to 4 guests. These elevated booths, located behind the Balcony Boxes, include an 85" TV for a live broadcast of the show. Some locations may have have a partially obstructed view due to the building's structural elements. Booth Seating and Storage Space for Jackets and other personal items is also available in this space. Suite Attendants offer Food & Beverage service and you may still access the Club Level as well as the Main Floor for select events!

Couples Suite

Located on the Penthouse Level of the venue on the 4th floor, the Couples Suite is a private space for two guests to enjoy a truly spectacular view of the show and the entire venue! Enjoy a closed door, intimate feel in custom designed furniture while watching the event. A Suite Attendant will cater to your Food & Beverage desires and you and your guest may still access the Club Level as well as the Main Floor!

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